Monday, 19 March 2012

Directions for your blog or website or social injustice

Social Injustice/Justice Website or blog

Choose one of the forms of social justice we have discussed in class. Create a website dealing with the form you’ve chosen. You do not have to use, although it is a simple system that is quite easy to learn.  Include the following things in blog posts or other formats within your website:

A: Definition: Define clearly the type of social injustice/ justice you will be discussing throughout the webpage.  Give 3 general examples/hypothetical situations explaining how an individual’s rights could be violated though this type of social injustice.

B. Links to two news article dealing with they type of social injustice you are reporting on.  When you post your link, you should also have an introduction stating the main topic/issue of the article, the points of view involved, and how it is related to social injustice.  BBC news is a fine source for finding news articles on the various forms of social injustice; you can’t search for your topic, but you should be able to review headlines and find some related articles. READ the articles for understanding.  Don’t just read the headline and assume you understand the issue.  This takes a little research on your part.

C. Social Justice Amendment: Consider the ways that your form of social injustice is misused.  Write a formally worded Constitutional Amendment designed to limit social abuse.  Your Amendment must be well thought out and considerate, not limiting the regular rights of any group, but preventing social abuses.

D. Reflection on our community: Think about Abu Dhabi.  Have you seen this form of social justice be violated? What can you do to prevent your form of social injustice within our community? This should be a full, thoughtful reflection.

Grading: Each section is worth equal marks.  I’m looking for thoughtfulness within reflection and writing.  Spend time on these sections; these are serious topics that touch each of us in different ways and you need to give each section time.  Writing should be fluid and use appropriate vocabulary.  Streamline your ideas by cutting out boring, repetitive details and using action verbs.

Due Date: Your blog/website address should be emailed to Mrs. Rasmussen no later than Sunday, March 18. 

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Here's a pic of the Grand Mosque that we took over the break. It only took a few minutes to upload a photo. And below is a photo of me and my Santa Clause-esque father, who was, I think, trying to figure out his camera.

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Environmental Justice, and wow, I've suddenly had 44 page views!

Environmental Injustice- Environmental injustice is a major problem with native and poor populations worldwide.  Particularly in Latin and South America, there have been many times that tribal lands have been taken in the name of development, for farming, dam building, or industry.  Where this becomes injustice is when government bodies have claimed land that is traditionally owned by tribal groups, ignored their opinions, and sold the land for their purposes.

In Africa there have been numerous cases of "land grab".  Most recently in Ethiopia, the government sold large portions of tribal lands to Chinese companies wanting to develop.  Because groups of people's voices and claims are not being heard, this is a form of injustice.

Wow, 44 views since yesterday.  I just wish I had a breakdown of how many girls vs. how many boys looked at the instructions.  Have a good day; I think I'll be back tomorrow.

Friday, 9 March 2012

Test Post

This is Mrs. Rasmussen's test blog.  I'll be teaching you the most important life lessons you've ever heard, and you will love it. See you Sunday.